The agreement is so toxic that it would be entirely legitimate under international law to reject the treaty, and that is precisely what the British government should do if the EU refuses to adjust its effects. In addition, the new withdrawal agreement creates a border in the Irish Sea with customs and regulatory controls for goods arriving from Britain to Northern Ireland, a provision abhorred by the Democratic Unionist Party, closely linked to Tory-Brexiteers throughout the May era. I do not think it works that way, the VA will remain in effect until a new agreement is negotiated to replace it. I really want the British government to try to renegotiate. Opponents of non-Brexit are still in Parliament, including former cabinet minister Greg Clark and former ministers Steve Brine and Stephen Hammond, but most of them have been subdued since the December election result. Pressure to avoid an EU deal is expected to come from Brexiters who have already expressed their displeasure with the withdrawal deal signed by the Prime Minister before the UK leaves in January, particularly with regard to the UK`s financial liabilities. In July, a report by the Centre for Brexit Policy, backed by Bill Cash and Owen Paterson, called for the withdrawal agreement to be reduced, calling it a “poison pill.” A report by 120 offices, written by pro-Leave MPs and lawyers, states that an exit from the transition period with the existing provisions of the agreement would have “infirm” consequences for the UK and prevent the country from becoming a “fully sovereign state”. The report calls on Mr Johnson to replace the withdrawal agreement with an agreement “in accordance with sovereignty.” A chapter by Lord Trimble says the current agreement “tears up the Good Friday agreement” by ceding legislative power over Northern Ireland to the EU. It is only now, six months after the UK`s legal withdrawal from the EU, that MEPs have begun to make a splash. Iain Duncan Smith, former Conservative leader, said this week: “While the UK wants to have a good trade relationship with the EU as a sovereign state, the EU has different ideas. They want our money and they want to prevent us from being a competitor. Unfortunately, the withdrawal agreement we signed last year helps them. In particular, he referred to provisions that make the UK responsible for part of the EU loan portfolio, which he said could land the Treasury with a $160 billion bill. Boris Johnson appeared to have ended the Conservative Party`s throes on Brexit last year by negotiating a new withdrawal deal with the EU and winning the support of every Tory MP – at least once when a hull of rebel remainers was cleaned up.

Key elements of the `poison pill` include the UK`s defamation of certain state aid laws, the creation of `EU customs mechanisms` at a border in the Irish Sea, another eight-year role for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the importance of divorce payments for the sums that , according to the reports, are “not due in international law” and are “subject to the determination of the European Court of Justice”. According to one report, an exit from the transition period would have “infirm” consequences with the current provisions of the agreement.