Flawless integration in SAP optimizes licensing and licensing management processes As a pioneer for the future of mobility and a leading innovator behind sophisticated technologies for charging electric cars, safety and safety concepts, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, as well as the AUTOSAR adaptive platform Vector`s business depends on the sale of thousands of licenses per year. Protecting its technology from piracy is a challenge Vector faces with its defense network interfaces (VNIs) and licenses related to a combination of Hardware containers and Wibu-Systems software. Integrating this system into the production landscape and streamlining delivery required a lighter, more standardized solution that was directly integrated into the company`s distribution processes. Built into CodeMeter, Vector can manage its licenses centrally through the comfort of CodeMeter License Central Dashboard, making support and distribution processes easier. Because the licensing and licensing management system is cleverly linked to SAP, licenses can now be created and delivered immediately after a product is purchased. Users can access, activate and enjoy their vector software without delay. The backbone of the system for setting up, supplying and managing licenses is CodeMeter License Central, fully integrated into Vector`s SAP system by Wibu-Systems` committed partner, Informatics, an Austrian centre of expertise for SAP. Wibu-Systems and Informatics bring together years of experience with SAP and CodeMeter to leverage their joint projects. Wibu-System`s solution focuses on CodeMeter License Central, the cloud platform for licensing creation, delivery and management. CodeMeter License Central has been fully integrated into Vector`s SAP system by the committed partner Informatics of Wibu-Systems, an SAP centre of excellence based in Austria. With the fully integrated version of CodeMeter, Vector can now manage its licenses centrally via the CodeMeter License Central dashboard, increasing the performance of support and distribution processes. Depending on the customer`s requests, licenses (CmActLicenses) with Wibu-Systems SmartBindĀ® technology may be linked to Vector`s unique virtual network interfaces (VNIs) or be included in hardware dongles (CmDongles) to ensure greater security and mobility. Vector faced the challenge of protecting its proprietary technology from piracy and distributing licenses securely to its customers in their format of choice.

Vector wanted to offer with the solution a lightweight delivery model that seamlessly integrates into the existing SAP production landscape. “The development and delivery of such complex solutions for so many specific application cases has been an interesting challenge for us. The flexibility of our CodeMeter licensing, protection and security platform has enabled Vector and its customers to find a win-win solution: Vector can protect its invaluable know-how, and Vector product users can easily purchase or update licenses on site and choose the license container that best meets their specific needs. , whether it`s a hard but easy-to-use dongle or a software container attached to Vector`s proprietary system. As the leading provider of advanced technologies for electric car charging, vehicle safety, advanced assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, as well as the AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) platform, Vector sells thousands of product licenses each year in a variety of industries, each with its own unique licensing preferences and requirements.